Greg James Tattooing

The other day I was on YouTube. I decided to search for Greg James name and see what I could find. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see two videos that show a young Greg and the present Greg. I figured for all of us that love Greg, we would love to see a video of what he is most passionate about. Here are two videos of Greg tattooing or speaking about tattooing. I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below if you would like to see more videos of the Tattoo Deluxe Crew tattooing.

(Sorry about the sound in the first video but it is old.)


Tattoo Artist Spotlight: CBass (Chris Bass)

Here is this weeks Tattoo Artist Spotlight of Chris Bass, or CBass for short, which was written by Chris himself! Enjoy!

1014420_765817693448148_265448287_nAs a young kid, drawing always came first and school came last. Through high school I never had any career plans. When I was 16, I was really into punk rock and a lot of my older friends had tattoos. During this time my parents enrolled me into military school, where I would live for the next 6 months. While there I attempted to hand poke my first tattoo on myself that never did stay. I graduated the program with my GED When I was 17.

In the late 90’s, by the time I was 19 I had collected a few crappy punk rock tattoos. A junkie in a motel room did my first tattoo and the rest were not much better. I got my first professional tattoo in my 20’s. I was in a band with my buddy Matthew Verseput, also known as Dr. Claw, he was going through an apprenticeship at the time in our hometown, Lancaster Ca. at Psycho City Tattoo. It was there that Matt did some of his first and did some of my first professional tattoos, which eventually lead to an award winning back piece that I display. During that time I really gained a lot of appreciation for the art that surrounded me every time I stepped into that shop.

In my mid 20’s I attended the Art Institute, where I studied computer animation and 10577124_875755955787654_6761272681103888701_nreceived Dean’s Honor roll. I eventually decided this was not for me. My interest was in more traditional forms of art made by hand and not computers.

I started going to a few good tattoo conventions where I met people who truly inspired me and entered my back piece into competitions. At this time my interest in tattooing grew enough for me to look into an apprenticeship and get my foot in the door of a shop. I stuck with it a few years and later a new door of my tattoo life opened up. I got an apprenticeship under Greg James, who I have currently been working for since he opened Tattoos Deluxe in 2011.

I have an appreciation for and enjoy doing all styles of tattooing from black and grey, traditional to Japanese. Diversity is very important to me as I enjoy the differences in subject matter and technique.

10517987_861821803847736_7903461156803146394_nAlso, I want to help anyone who walks into our shop with any requests they may have. My main focus is that the client gets a good tattoo that they can be proud to wear for the rest of their life, and that they leave the shop having had a good memorable experience that they can always look back on.

My goals in tattooing are always to push ahead and continue to grow as an artist and craftsman, while delivering my very best. My favorite tattoos are the ones that I can put my creative freedom into, which fit and flow with the body and leave a smile on the clients face. Tattooing really came together for me through hard work when I received the opportunity to apprentice under and work for Greg James. It has opened up a new chapter in my life that I will be forever grateful for. I really enjoy working with a hard working and knowledgeable group of artists that continuously inspire me in so many ways.

Chris Bass