Greg James Tattoo Article December 2012

In December 2012, Greg’s work was again recognized in “Tattoo” Magazine where they mentioned his work on Mark Dextor. Mark said that he started off not getting such great TATTOO.05tattoo work. Wasn’t until he flew to Miami to have Chris Garver tattoo a dragon and skull on his left arm that he finally had a taste of good tattooing, which hooked him. A friend of a friend recommended Greg to complete Japanese tattoos that he wanted. Greg designed and tattooed his entire back with a Hannya Mask and Snake. After this piece Greg became his go to tattoo artist. He said that Greg is one of the nicest people he has ever met and was very TATTOO.04talented. Mark loved the work done so he had Greg create and tattoo a large-scale image of a schooner and mermaid, which is located on Mark’s left ribs. Mark couldn’t stop there. He needed to balance his ink by moving to the right side. Greg drew and tattooed a Panther in Battle with a Serpent. It is dynamic with a classical Traditional feel to it. His work with Greg will never be completely over. When the article was being published they were working on an Octopus on Mark’s chest. It is always great to see Greg’s skills showcased for the world to see!TATTOO.02

New T-Shirt Design for purchase!

2014-11-08-12-31-39--1943569372We are happy to announce the arrival of a new T-Shirt! The new design is in tribute to Tennessee Dave, beloved brother, uncle and friend. Tennessee Dave had over 40 years of experience, who was a significant part in early American tattooing and was a true pioneer. He touched so many with his colorful, friendly personality and amazing old school style of tattooing. He has fully earned a place in all our hearts and is missed daily. What better way to commemorate him then to memorialize him on a T-Shirt. Feel free to come on by the shop to purchase his T-Shirt or just reminisce about Tennessee Dave.

Tennessee Dave T-Shirt

Greg and David Tattooing at Tattoos Cure Cancer Event November 16th


Greg James and David James are joining Tattoos Cure Cancer again in helping to find a cure for cancer. On November 16, 2014, you can join Greg and David in fighting cancer one tattoo at a time. A percentage of the proceeds go to cancer research and the other parts go to individuals and their families who are fighting cancer, which could not afford treatment otherwise. Come on by Eternal Art Tattoo located at 18436 Sierra Hwy #5 SCV, CA 91351. They will be tattooing from 8am to 8pm! Swing on by to visit and get tattooed or donate by purchasing merchandise. The price range is from $50 to $100. For more information check out and follow them on Facebook,; Twitter, bleedforacure; and Instagram, tattooscurecancer. Greg & David

A message from Greg:

Almost everyone you know has been touched by cancer in some way. If you like tattoos then this is a way to pay it forward and support a good cause you can just stop by and see all the fun and talk to other people that share you love for tattoos. Or you can come and get a cool T shirt or other things and support it that way. All the money goes to children’s hospital and other charities. Adam and everyone donates the time and effort for free as do our sponsors.

See you there!

Best Wishes,

Greg James

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Greg Named One of 48 Amazing Artists Across the Globe

Magazine.03“My brother Dave started me out building needles and drawing flash until one day when he wasn’t around I grabbed his machine and did a rose on my leg”. Greg comments in arecent magazine named Tattoo Flash Bookazine One. In this edition called Tattoo Masters, Greg was mentioned as one of 48 amazing artists from all over the globe. It’s no surprise to us all that he was mentioned. Magazine.02As friends and clients of Greg we can all appreciate his style of Japanese tattooing. Which Greg gives much recognition to his mentors and influences, Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Nolan, Zeke Owens, Cliff Raven, Robert Benedetti, and Ed Hardy who helped guide him in creating his own unique style of Japanese tattooing. Greg has had an amazing career so far, accomplishing so much while leaving his mark in the tattoo community. He hopes to continue doing so by tattooing more amazing pieces on clients.