Quote Walk-in Wednesdays

Quote Walk-in Wednesdays! Where for $100 you can get one of the spectacular Walken Movie quotes David has on hand or even a small line portrait of the man himself, Christopher Walken! He will be unveiling a new quote every week. But here at Tattoos Deluxe I have a fever for my clients and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!!!! So if you Walk-in Wednesday with your favorite quote already tattoo ready he will give you the same great price of $100.

Walk-in Wednesday will be held on Wednesday at Tattoos Deluxe only from 6pm-11pm. David James will be your tattoo artist and point of contact. Clients Walk-in quotes must be within 2-3 sentences, font desired, and quote arranged. Meaning your quote is ready to be scanned and tattooed. NO APPOINTMENT NESSARY!!!!

Some restrictions may apply.