NTA’s 2015 36th Annual World National Tattoo Convention

This week Greg, David, and CBass will be attending the National Tattoo Association’s 36th Annual World National Tattoo Convention. National Tattoo Association was started in 1976. They determined that conventions every year were the best way to promote tattooing and nothing else. What better way to promote then with CONTESTS! NTA decided that the contest would be best to be judged by all attending. So they began to have conventions every year and do not plan to stop. Our guys have already arrived in Orlando, FL for this 5-day event! They will be tattooing from April 22nd to April 27th. If you are in the area make sure to swing by the DoubleTree at SeaWorld to get some ink by these amazing tattoo artists. There are also other events that can be really enjoyable for anyone attending. You can see the schedule and more information about the event at http://www.nationaltattooassociation.com/convention.html.



Greg James Tattoo Article December 2012

In December 2012, Greg’s work was again recognized in “Tattoo” Magazine where they mentioned his work on Mark Dextor. Mark said that he started off not getting such great TATTOO.05tattoo work. Wasn’t until he flew to Miami to have Chris Garver tattoo a dragon and skull on his left arm that he finally had a taste of good tattooing, which hooked him. A friend of a friend recommended Greg to complete Japanese tattoos that he wanted. Greg designed and tattooed his entire back with a Hannya Mask and Snake. After this piece Greg became his go to tattoo artist. He said that Greg is one of the nicest people he has ever met and was very TATTOO.04talented. Mark loved the work done so he had Greg create and tattoo a large-scale image of a schooner and mermaid, which is located on Mark’s left ribs. Mark couldn’t stop there. He needed to balance his ink by moving to the right side. Greg drew and tattooed a Panther in Battle with a Serpent. It is dynamic with a classical Traditional feel to it. His work with Greg will never be completely over. When the article was being published they were working on an Octopus on Mark’s chest. It is always great to see Greg’s skills showcased for the world to see!TATTOO.02

Greg Named One of 48 Amazing Artists Across the Globe

Magazine.03“My brother Dave started me out building needles and drawing flash until one day when he wasn’t around I grabbed his machine and did a rose on my leg”. Greg comments in arecent magazine named Tattoo Flash Bookazine One. In this edition called Tattoo Masters, Greg was mentioned as one of 48 amazing artists from all over the globe. It’s no surprise to us all that he was mentioned. Magazine.02As friends and clients of Greg we can all appreciate his style of Japanese tattooing. Which Greg gives much recognition to his mentors and influences, Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Nolan, Zeke Owens, Cliff Raven, Robert Benedetti, and Ed Hardy who helped guide him in creating his own unique style of Japanese tattooing. Greg has had an amazing career so far, accomplishing so much while leaving his mark in the tattoo community. He hopes to continue doing so by tattooing more amazing pieces on clients.


Greg James Tattooing

The other day I was on YouTube. I decided to search for Greg James name and see what I could find. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see two videos that show a young Greg and the present Greg. I figured for all of us that love Greg, we would love to see a video of what he is most passionate about. Here are two videos of Greg tattooing or speaking about tattooing. I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below if you would like to see more videos of the Tattoo Deluxe Crew tattooing.

(Sorry about the sound in the first video but it is old.)


Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Greg James Tattoo Artist and Owner

Greg JamesGreg James love for tattoos began at a young age when he started drawing flash tattoos for his brother, Tennessee Dave. He was only fourteen at the time. His drawings turned into an apprenticeship in 1976. During the following nine years he worked on honing his craft. Greg had done it all from single-needle black-and-grey to classic Americana tattoos and large custom Japanese artwork, which he has become famous for.

Lotus FlowerGreg wanted to do superlative work and decided that he had two options either quit tattooing or try to work for Cliff Raven at Sunset Strip Tattoo. Well, I think we all know how that turned out! Greg joined Sunset Strip Tattoo in 1985 and worked closely with Cliff Raven to hone his Japanese style tattoo, since Cliff was a pioneer of that style. Greg contributed in building the legacy of the legendary Sunset Strip Studio while he was there for over twenty-five years. He became the real star of Sunset Strip, the tattoo artist’s tattooer.

In September 2012, Greg decided to open his own shop, which we have all come to know and love, Tattoos Deluxe in Sherman Oaks, CA. Greg is known worldwide and is at the top of the tattoo industry but has not lost sight of staying down to earth. Clients have said that he is modest, understated, a genuinely nice guy, and his work is truly amazing. Japanese Hannya Mask

In Greg’s eyes tattooing is a personal thing between two people, not so much about the art, the craft, or being a cool guy. A tattoo should look like it has always been there, like its part of your body.  He says that tattoo artists really put a lot of effort, time, and communication into what they do. Tattoos are permanent; they can’t just be torn up and thrown away when the tattoo artist is done with it. Greg says that all the tattoos he has done over his thirty years are carried around in his head with him.

Greg has apprenticed numerous tattoo artists, including Eric Blair of Subculture Tattoo and Dollar Bill of Sunset Strip Tattoo. He is also know for tattooing celebrities like Sarah
Hibiscus FlowersMichelle Geller, Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen, Motley Crue, Jesse James, Joan Jett, Ozzy Osbourne. He has also worked on tattoo artists, like Kirk Alley, owner of Eleven Eleven Tattoo; Johnny Hollywood, owner of 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour; and Chris Cashmore, owner of Tattoo Power in Canberra, Australia.

Check out Greg James Wikipedia site for more information

Greg Tattooing Mötley Crüe

In honor of the Mötley Crüe Final Tour, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane, back to when Greg tattooed the band. He began tattooing Nikki when he was at Sunset Strip Tattoo, but completed the majority of Nikki’s left arm in Vancouver, BC. On some occasions when he was flown up there, Greg would turn the hotel room into a tattoo shop. Besides tattooing Nikki’s left arm along with several other pieces, Greg also tattooed a Koi Fish and water on Tommy Lee’s left arm. A memorable tattoo of Greg’s was a Cherub/Angel with Nikki’s wife’s name in the ribbon. Funny story about this tattoo, Greg spelt Brandi’s name, Nikki’s wife, with a “Y” instead of an “I”. Quite the easy fix for Greg of course, but it always brings a smile to his face when he thinks back. During one of Greg’s sessions, he set up shop at Nikki’s house. Greg brought his son David with him, who spent most of his time playing in the pool with the Sixx kids. Meanwhile as Greg was tattooing a dragonfly on Nikki, Nikki’s daughter Stormy drew a design of a heart . Which of course Nikki asked Greg to tattoo on his leg. In doing so it stole Greg’s heart becoming his favorite tattoo on Nikki. Greg has very fond memories of tattooing Nikki. On one occasion Nikki even tattooed Greg! During this moment in time, it was all tattooing the band “without booze, chicks, drugs, and whatever, just Tattooing, Music and some Good Times!” Check out more from the interview with Greg about Mötley Crüe: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~cruekiss/gregjames.htm