National Tattoo Convention 2016

In less then two weeks, Greg James, David James, and CBass will be attending and tattooing at the 37th Annual Nation Tattoo Convention in Orlando, Florida. The guys have attended prior years. They love to show off their artwork, meet new people, and get a chance to tattoo new people. The guys come home with amazing stories. Last year they were surprise attacked by a squirrel, while they were eating breakfast. David almost had to battle the little guy to get him to leave them alone. We can’t wait to see what fun stories or ides these guys come home with.

If you are in the Orlando, Florida area, don’t hesitate to swing by and see the guys. Or even get tattooed from these amazing tattoo-artists! They always love visitors! The convention is being held from April 13th to April 18th at The DoubleTree in Orlando, Fl. There are so many more events that you can attend, while you are at the Convention.



For more information go to National Tattoo Associations website at


New T-Shirt Design for purchase!

2014-11-08-12-31-39--1943569372We are happy to announce the arrival of a new T-Shirt! The new design is in tribute to Tennessee Dave, beloved brother, uncle and friend. Tennessee Dave had over 40 years of experience, who was a significant part in early American tattooing and was a true pioneer. He touched so many with his colorful, friendly personality and amazing old school style of tattooing. He has fully earned a place in all our hearts and is missed daily. What better way to commemorate him then to memorialize him on a T-Shirt. Feel free to come on by the shop to purchase his T-Shirt or just reminisce about Tennessee Dave.

Tennessee Dave T-Shirt