Greg James Tattoo Article December 2012

In December 2012, Greg’s work was again recognized in “Tattoo” Magazine where they mentioned his work on Mark Dextor. Mark said that he started off not getting such great TATTOO.05tattoo work. Wasn’t until he flew to Miami to have Chris Garver tattoo a dragon and skull on his left arm that he finally had a taste of good tattooing, which hooked him. A friend of a friend recommended Greg to complete Japanese tattoos that he wanted. Greg designed and tattooed his entire back with a Hannya Mask and Snake. After this piece Greg became his go to tattoo artist. He said that Greg is one of the nicest people he has ever met and was very TATTOO.04talented. Mark loved the work done so he had Greg create and tattoo a large-scale image of a schooner and mermaid, which is located on Mark’s left ribs. Mark couldn’t stop there. He needed to balance his ink by moving to the right side. Greg drew and tattooed a Panther in Battle with a Serpent. It is dynamic with a classical Traditional feel to it. His work with Greg will never be completely over. When the article was being published they were working on an Octopus on Mark’s chest. It is always great to see Greg’s skills showcased for the world to see!TATTOO.02

2 thoughts on “Greg James Tattoo Article December 2012

  1. Such amazing work. It’s always a pleasure seeing Gregs astonishing work. So much that it causes me to stop and admire the work he’s been doing for me daily. It’s always so exciting finding another interesting piece you didn’t notice before. Watching all the work slowly come together over the past months have been great. It’s exciting and sad for it to finally come together all at the same time haha. Thanks for all the dedication and brilliant skill Greg!

  2. As stated on my FB page earlier, I LOVE the fact that I have been able to spend time with and collect some AMAZING art from this WONDERFUL man and INCREDIBLE artist! He DEFINITELY resides among the GREATS! Thanks SO much for some of my best experiences as a collector, Greg! Sincerely, Tim

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