Greg Named One of 48 Amazing Artists Across the Globe

Magazine.03“My brother Dave started me out building needles and drawing flash until one day when he wasn’t around I grabbed his machine and did a rose on my leg”. Greg comments in arecent magazine named Tattoo Flash Bookazine One. In this edition called Tattoo Masters, Greg was mentioned as one of 48 amazing artists from all over the globe. It’s no surprise to us all that he was mentioned. Magazine.02As friends and clients of Greg we can all appreciate his style of Japanese tattooing. Which Greg gives much recognition to his mentors and influences, Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Nolan, Zeke Owens, Cliff Raven, Robert Benedetti, and Ed Hardy who helped guide him in creating his own unique style of Japanese tattooing. Greg has had an amazing career so far, accomplishing so much while leaving his mark in the tattoo community. He hopes to continue doing so by tattooing more amazing pieces on clients.


4 thoughts on “Greg Named One of 48 Amazing Artists Across the Globe

  1. Awesome new blog. It’s always great seeing a freind get the recognition and acknowledgment they deserve for their hard work. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. You deserve every accolade that comes your way. I have cherished my back piece piece done by Eric Blair knowing that your watchful eye was only a chair away. You acknowledged the art bestowed on my body which made it even more special. Observing your talent over a period of several years, was like watching a master create another masterpiece.

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