Greg Tattooing Mötley Crüe

In honor of the Mötley Crüe Final Tour, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane, back to when Greg tattooed the band. He began tattooing Nikki when he was at Sunset Strip Tattoo, but completed the majority of Nikki’s left arm in Vancouver, BC. On some occasions when he was flown up there, Greg would turn the hotel room into a tattoo shop. Besides tattooing Nikki’s left arm along with several other pieces, Greg also tattooed a Koi Fish and water on Tommy Lee’s left arm. A memorable tattoo of Greg’s was a Cherub/Angel with Nikki’s wife’s name in the ribbon. Funny story about this tattoo, Greg spelt Brandi’s name, Nikki’s wife, with a “Y” instead of an “I”. Quite the easy fix for Greg of course, but it always brings a smile to his face when he thinks back. During one of Greg’s sessions, he set up shop at Nikki’s house. Greg brought his son David with him, who spent most of his time playing in the pool with the Sixx kids. Meanwhile as Greg was tattooing a dragonfly on Nikki, Nikki’s daughter Stormy drew a design of a heart . Which of course Nikki asked Greg to tattoo on his leg. In doing so it stole Greg’s heart becoming his favorite tattoo on Nikki. Greg has very fond memories of tattooing Nikki. On one occasion Nikki even tattooed Greg! During this moment in time, it was all tattooing the band “without booze, chicks, drugs, and whatever, just Tattooing, Music and some Good Times!” Check out more from the interview with Greg about Mötley Crüe:

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  1. It’s been such a fun time watching the process of this blog being made. Learned so much cool stuff about Greg. As well as look forward to learning more about him and the rest of the crew at Tattoos Deluxe as more blogs come. Great job!!

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