New T-Shirt Design for purchase!

2014-11-08-12-31-39--1943569372We are happy to announce the arrival of a new T-Shirt! The new design is in tribute to Tennessee Dave, beloved brother, uncle and friend. Tennessee Dave had over 40 years of experience, who was a significant part in early American tattooing and was a true pioneer. He touched so many with his colorful, friendly personality and amazing old school style of tattooing. He has fully earned a place in all our hearts and is missed daily. What better way to commemorate him then to memorialize him on a T-Shirt. Feel free to come on by the shop to purchase his T-Shirt or just reminisce about Tennessee Dave.

Tennessee Dave T-Shirt

3 thoughts on “New T-Shirt Design for purchase!

  1. What an awesome way to celebrate the life of someone so close and such an iconic member of the tattoo world. Look forward to adding this amazing shirt to my collection!

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